by Natalie coleman   Dec 24, 2006

Shes a mess of insecurities to your own disbelief
and your the reason why she does not love herself
things use to be fine but you grabbed her heart and mind
and with your control you abused your privliges
you turned her into a girl that cries herself to sleep
i bet you dont know she does not feel like she use to
only because for some reason you put a smile on her face
although she knows its not real and your lying through your teeth
she continues to love you and fall for you more each day
why cant she let go of the one thing thats killing her
the one thing thats the reason she doesnt have a mirror
she broke it blinded by his actions that made her feel ugly
everyone says give in give in but she doesnt want to give in
so she holds on trying to make everything better
even though she knows her love will never be good enough for him


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