by Vikas Tapan Bhadra   Mar 19, 2007

There was once a nation
Happiness was its creation

Then came a period of antagonism
N happiness was gone

Swept in sadness, feudal forces were aplomb
Then they took control and ...
The nation was looking for a new dawn

A dawn that would provoke a new life
To lead a life which it liked

N then people came to the fore
N laid their lives one today
Tomorrow one more

N this bloodbath continued n
Finally the gods in heaven
Smiled N granted us freedom in 1947

The aftermath is a mixture of heaven n hell poised
Poised to be heaven if the forces of truth rise
To kill the forces of evil
That dwells
In the minds of people who belong to the nation itself

Belong to the nation itself but killing its glory
By throwing them in offense
Who like this to be a nation of benevolence

Benevolence where love n life go hand in hand
Where the desire to kill doesn't exist in the strand
What exists in the strand of the mind is happiness
May we be this way!

N to be unkind to those who challenge this fact
N indulge in sinful acts
Love is not the sin
But keeping one abstained from the one sure is
This is the disease
Which had swept the nation earlier
And many a life paid the price
So is it right again to do the same
And abstain from the path of wisdom


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  • 13 years ago

    by Shirani Graham

    Wow a beautiful piece, you keep, on amazing me
    well done if there was such a score you would get