I hate it when your grounded

by Jared Love   Apr 25, 2007

I laughed when I called
I thought it wasn't true
so far away and grounded
whats a love sick girl to do?

Without your voice or words
all I can do is read
but crying in my sleep
missing what i really need

my heart missed a beat
when you had to go so soon
i close my eyes and weep
you feel as far away as the moon

its getting harder day by day
looking threw the photographs
i see my best friend
and your wonderful laughs

The only thing i have of you
is a picture i hold close to my heart
others think there the reason I smile
when your the only part

he thinks when i laugh
im laughing at him
but your grin helps me on
his mind is so dim

the other day he hugged me
i closed my eyes to not cry
i thought it was you
when i opened my eyes and thought i would die

Its hard to belive your so far
when i can feel your kiss
I close my eyes and smile
thinking about the girl i miss

My Jello stop being grounded! I miss you, I need you!
Looking through the pictures was so sad, I called you and *sighs* Hurry and stop being grounded!


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  • 14 years ago

    by jello

    I'm so sorry....