Just Imagine. [<//3]

by Jessie   Jun 2, 2007

Just Imagine You Were Me
That You Were in my shoes
that you were the on that dared to dream
and had the heart to lose.

Just imagine how it must be
to be rejected at both ends
to be too young for the on you love
and too old for all your friends.

Just imagine how it must feel
to be guessing all the way
to never know if your flirting
by what you do or say.

Just imagine what it must be like
to only see you behind the glass
to want to hold or even touch you
but forced to settle for staring as you pass.

Just imagine how it must hurt
to know there is someone better than me
to feel like im holding you back
from someone you could love happily.

Just imagine this in the back of your mind
never knowing what feelings come from you
never knowing if thats just what your saying
or if what your saying is really true.

Just imagine continuing on
with all these things inside
wearing my mask of contenment
to conceal all these things i hide.

Just imagine trying to be perfect
everything you want me to be
striving to be the one you choose
...And now your imagining [ME]


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  • 11 years ago

    by TILLmyLASTtearFALLS

    I'm happy to be your first comment, that was deep..! I particularly enjoyed the repetition of the words 'Just Imagine' and the little change in the last stanza.Great work!
    keep it up!
    Best wishes,