Repeating Yesterday

by Beautiful Chaos   Jun 13, 2007

The feeling of deja vu,
We have been this way before,
Where could we be going,
With nothing to explore?

The end it was not pretty,
Yet here we are again,
How can this work now,
If it couldn't work back then?

Repeating yesterday,
Not learning from this past,
Is why were getting nowhere,
Is why we do not last.

Let go of your heartache,
Or let go of my soul,
This hatred we are building,
Will never make us whole.

Draw me from the water,
Drink or set me free,
But this cycle of sweet loathing,
Must truly cease to be.


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  • 17 years ago

    by Daisy if you do

    Okay this left me crying. Oh my how many times have you described things that have happened in my life that fit me to a tee. I know they are common happenings but it seems as though you just have that knack and I relate to it. Great job as always.


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