by Beautiful Chaos   Jun 19, 2007

A sickness set inside the soul,
This love that will not die,
I thought you were the remedy,
You were just the lie.

The sweet charade I used to hide,
All I held within,
The soft escape that came along,
When lonely did set in.

I can't get through a single day,
Without wishing he were here,
Instead of you my wilted flower,
My lover, I need near.

The one who holds my everything,
Body, mind and soul,
The one I lost to misery,
The one who makes me whole.


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  • 17 years ago

    by Daisy if you do

    Yowza! Wonderful job. I simply adore your style and as I have said many times before you are one of my favorites. This is why, you have such an uncanny ability to put the words forth without the redundancy of cliche. Your poetry speaks to me and hits so close to home. Awesome Job. Congrats and thank you for entering


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