Through Valleys & Shadows

by ctmskm   Aug 2, 2007

As I walked through a valley,
were now only shadows call there home.
I thought I was happy,
there with them and just me alone.
But every day I spent there,
time was saying goodbye.
With just me and these shadows,
as my wasted time slowly died.
Verse became harder,
I couldn't talk to them anymore.
So I left the valley,
only to climb up the mountain,
with my heart broken and sore.
As I reached the top,
the peak of the mountain.
I saw an angel waiting above.
Her name was Sarah
I never knew,
she would be my very first, and only True love.
She lifted me up,
up off the ground, up on my feet.
she showed me love, she showed me life,
she held my heart, piece by piece.
I grew to Love this Angel,
for she stayed by my side.
And as for my once shattered heart,
she sowed it back together, with love and pride.
She means the word to me,
I wish I could tell her even that much,
but I don't want her to leave.
And fear, yes I fear if I tell her,
she might get scared and not be there for me.
She saved me from myself,
and my once heartbroken dreams.
For she is my angel,
That was waiting above.
Her name is Sarah
She is my very first, and only True love.


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