Daddy... ( This poem is me .. is it u ?)

by Caro   Aug 5, 2007

You want me to go,
you want me to stay.
Daddy make-up your mind,
Cuz I'll go away!

There's also the problem,
of you working every day.
Sometimes you must leave ,
But you leave me astray.

Whats the use of going ,
if all I do is the same?
I know I want to see you,
But sometimes it drives me insane!

Dadd make-up your mind!
Do you want me to go?
Daddy make-up your mind!
Or you want me to flow?

Sometimes you ask me...
Do you love me?...
I love you dear daddy,
but it's your girlfriend we'ed have to see!

I wrote this poem,
without you knowing.
I do not want to show you,
Because it'll only make you crying.


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