Because of YOU

by Elaine90   Aug 20, 2007

Because of you.....I changed
I went insane
I was cussing
I gave into pressure
I let you touch me in ways that made me melt
I was physically hurting myself
I disobeyed my parents
I'd sneek out at night to see you
I got myself taken out of school
You didn't make me do any of this
I got in so much trouble
I should HATE you
But......... I don't
Now I am better than ever
I still think about you everyday and night
I truly do love you
And it is all...........
Because of you!


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  • 14 years ago

    by Suicide With A Smile

    Sorry but thats the dumbest poem i've ever read! Why would you be happy and still love a guy who messed up your life?! Seriously!! If he "loved" you too he wouldn't of let you do that!! THINK ABOUT IT!!