Moving On

by kishi tenshi   Aug 23, 2007

I gathered all my strength to over come such weakness,
a weakness of whom I abhor too much
that never leaves me, that sticks to me like a child to his mother.
I gathered all my strength again,
having all the hopes I have in mind,
to free myself from this clasping chains of sadness.

I remember,
how my mind told me before not to hope that you'll somehow love me sooner,
I wish that I didn't have a stubborn heart to put my trust onto,
I just hoped that I'd listen
listened carefully to whatever my mind say,
giving sermons like it's forever.
Because if I only do what my mind asked me to do,
I maybe happy now,
Because if not on this dense heart of mine,
I could be feeling lesser pain.
But here I am now,
harvesting all the I must not be suffering.

Today, I already made a covenant.
A covenant into my mind, to my very self,
that if ever my heart swill go crazy,
beating like there's no tomorrow,
I would be getting all of the informations that my mind could muster about you,
that if ever I will see the same person that did this to me,
I'll go on full red alert,
and will decide endlessly,
just not be calling myself stupid again.

PAIN - I despised it very much,
I'd rather be apathetic than to grieve over someone,
whom I know,
whom I love,
but just care
And for this, I promise I will move on.


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  • 12 years ago

    by leinhart

    Hi,,,nice poem,,,i knw how it feels, hw tough is it to try to fgt somethng u cared most,,,,gd luck there,,,take a dep breath n go on,,,gud luck there.,,,