To young i guess

by Caitlin   Aug 25, 2007

Your hand slips closer and suddenly mine is moving too just an inch until it meets you. softly your finger brushes mine my body stops and i lose all time. i forget to breath i close my eyes and one thing i know for sure my heart is beating out of control. you pull my hand under yours wrap it tight in your hold. i take a risk and put my head next to yours on your shoulder there my head rests and then yours on top of it. my eyes close as i lose track of time lost in this simple moment of just pure you. i turn my head to look in your eyes and your soft blue deep eyes meet mine. i get lost once again forget to breath that loss of time seems to increase. you lean forward so do i what happens next is all in my hands. i drop my eyes let go of your hand I'm just to young for any of this to happen yet.


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