by Brooke   Sep 2, 2007

"I'm leaving" she said.
"I'm leaving to go away"
And because i ran off crying,
I didn't hear what she had to say.
I didn't see her up until,
The day before she had to go.
She came to me crying,
Saying she'll miss me so.
We fell into each others arms,
I begged for her to stay.
She said that she would miss me,
Each and every day.
I went with her to her house,
And i stayed with her that night.
Then the very next morning,
I helped her on her flight.
She said that she would call me,
When she got to her new place,
And i started to cry again,
As i looked upon her tear-streaked face.
As she walked down the corridor,
I felt allot of pain.
I realized without even knowing it,
That i will never hear her voice again.
When i got home to my house,
To sit beside the phone,
I realized with much grief,
She will never reach her home.
As I watched the News that night,
I saw with agony,
That the plane that my best friend was on,
Didn't reach it's destiny.
I cried as the reporter told me,
That it crashed some were on the coast.
And the body of my best friend,
Was nothing but a ghost.
Her funeral was held next week,
And they played her favorite song.
I cried as they brought her body out.
All of it was wrong.
Just then my alarm went off,
And i awoke from my dream.
I was so happy it didn't happen,
But so real it did seem.
When i arrived at school that morning,
My best friend came up 2 me,
She told me she was leaving,
Just like in my dream.


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  • 14 years ago

    by always the same

    Wow that made me cry:'( but it was really good.

  • 14 years ago

    by wendy willis

    Shit thats a mean az poem g
    you should like be a pro
    fah u shuld gv me sum tips owwww

    p3ac3 owt