Heartache and Pain

by K3LS3Y   Sep 26, 2007

I wish i could tell you
What your words do to me
When you talk about pain
And how nobody can see

When you talk about heartaches
How she tore you apart
How she cut open your chest
And ripped out your heart

How she was everything to you
The light in your darkness
And now theres a gaping hole
And you've been left heartless

How you fought through depression
To be by her side
And now that shes gone
You want to just die

How she told you she loved you
And you told her it back
But her feelings are gone
And your worlds turned black

How she left you truely broken
An unmendable tear
How its happend before
And it seems so unfair

How you live life in pain
Without her by your side
If it weren't for her pleads
You'd chose to die

well, this is about a friend i have. hes a really awesome guy, and hes had his heart broken twice now, which really sux. but he'll be ok cuz hes strong. so yea..... :-)


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Latest Comments

  • 14 years ago

    by *Charisma*

    Wow! Flow was near perfect as was rhyme. Normally this would sound cheesy but this piece made each line seem heartfelt and powerful and strong. Beautiful! I'm sure your friend appreciates it.

  • 14 years ago

    by Kyle

    I cried reading that kelsey.....thanks for writing that....it was beautiful and true. means alot...im adding it to my favorites.