He Said

by ShawnnaLeigh   Oct 19, 2007

Ever since he saw her
his heart started to race
he couldn`t look away
from her beautiful face

their conversations would last
all through the night
to him it was clear
it was love at first sight

he can`t get the thought
of her out of his head
he can`t sleep at night
without her in her bed

he can`t describe
the feelings he gets
but she reminds him
of the beautiful sun that sets

he suffocates without her
she`s the best he`ll ever find
if she ever left him
he`d go out of his mind

it`s her his heart beats for
she`s the air that he breaths
she makes him feel calm
like the cool autumn breeze

he`ll do anything
to prove it`s only you
just look at everything
you both been through

this is what he said
it`s sweet and it`s true
you should believe me now
he said it was only you.

by shawnna.leigh barbe


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