The Rain Of Tears

by FridusBlueheaven   Oct 22, 2007

Title : The Rain Of Tears
Written By : Fridus Blueheaven

The rain of tears falling through your diamond eyes
The feelings are hidden, guess they're in disguise
A moment like this would be hard to make you wise
And I know, time like this wouldn't ever been so nice

The rain of tears falling once more through your soul
It's frozen for a while, simply it had you feel so cold
You might have the feelings deep inside but they're untold
But at least you got me and I could be the one to hold

The rain of tears falling again, they're still like before
It's pouring through your heart, then it will hurt you more
The tears united to be an ocean and you're the shore
If you need the one to share, I'm what you're looking for

The rain of tears falling for more that they'll ever be
You're drowned too deep, there's nothing you can see
You heart is chained and your soul couldn't run free
But I promise I'll be there to overcome your misery

The rain of tears still falling and overflowed your smile
Your happiness is gone, they're nowhere for a while
They're gone and it feels like you're there for million miles
But I'll be there for you, there's your heart to reconcile

The rain of tears falling for more through your hardest day
Well, you're in weary and seem you don't want to stay
But don't forget that I'll be there to make it all okay
Every time you need me, you know I'll show you the way

2007 Blueheaven Entertainment (c)


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  • 16 years ago

    by HaileyHelen

    WOah! Im blown away! this was ttly... Breathtaking! tnx 4 the comment!

  • 16 years ago

    by Blissful

    Wonderful love poem filled with passion and beauty. The imagery was breathtaking and the flow was flawless. Well done *5/5*

  • 16 years ago

    by Allison

    Your love poems are simply beautiful, you have a lot of talent. Keep your pen to the paper :) *5/5*

  • This is a very amazing poem. I really loved it. 5/5

    <mOnStRiTo'S pRiNcEsS>

  • 16 years ago

    by Jessica Evelyn Maxwell

    Amazing poem,
    very beautiful,
    keep it up =)