For Her

by anthony   Dec 16, 2007

The stallion works with a lot
shes made everything shes got
i know she doesn't need me
but with me i know what she could be

Treated wrongly
loved deeply
badly wanted, truly
i messed up horribly
for the girl of a guy dreams
is no longer seen by meez

how do i know all this
theres no way i could feel like this
there must be a mistake
i no longer see nor dream
but i still want to rise
with her by my side

Love you till the day i did it for her.


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  • 11 years ago

    by Brittany Ottmo

    Awww....ok this is a good poem...i really like it....even tho it took me a time or 2 to relize wat it ment but now i got it and i like it...5/5