Girl's Philosophy

by MiSZ ALAiNA   Jan 7, 2008

I'm living my life
Whether you like it or not
I practice what I preach
And I'm not gonna stop

I'm always about my word
So don't try to take me as a joke
You tried to clown me before
But you seen me spoke

I don't bang with too many chicks
Because all y'all got is drama
You spread rumors all crazy
And shut ya mouths in front of peoples mamas

I don't call just anyone a friend
You gotta earn my trust
Calling girls your girls before you know them
Is that 5 year old stuff

I'm real as they come
And I'm gonna stay this way
Always crazy never bored
Looking my best all day

Life is too short
So I always keep a happy face
Never depressed nor stressed
Rocking out all over the place

Yea, my hair is nappy
No, I'm not a perfect girl
But I'll tell you one thing
I don't let dudes mess up my world

Boys will come and go
So many times I been told
Don't get worked up
Just sit back and play your role

Don't get played either
And don't take back a cheater
Make him nothing to you neither
And go and find you a keeper

I gotta stay true
No tears, no worries, just me
I'm doing things for myself
And writing a girl's philosophy


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