Jesus's little Sister

by my brother is jesus Ive denied your Rapture   Jan 16, 2008

No, it couldn't be.
How could it of happened?
Jesus in his love and his light,
have a sister dark as the night?

Watching over her,
he's seen and he knows.
yet he couldn't hurt her,
not his little sister.

Maybe he's not all that's good and pure.
Or maybe God never really cared.
Seeing the lies woven through the bible.
She'll show you to the truths.

Jesus' little sister,
the princess of the heavens.
She will guide you home,
so you can see her brother on his throne.


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  • 11 years ago

    by A girl broken until

    I liked this, it changed my perspective to realise that there cant be good with out evil.
    It reminds me of the book 'cradle and all' By James Patterson, you should really read that.
    If God could make a son, why not the Devil make a daughter!!!

  • 11 years ago

    by Boundless

    What?? r u like satanic or something?! super offensive!!

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