lost poem :'(

  • Sean Allen
    16 years ago

    nope, i'm pretty sure it is lost

  • Jessy
    16 years ago

    sorry but its gone

  • Lydia O
    16 years ago

    There is no way to retrieve it now.

    There have been a lot of posts about how to prevent this and unfortunately people keep failing to compose their poems and save them BEFORE submitting them on this site.

    The other thing you can do is to download and install Firefox on your computer. Then use it as your browser. It saves your text in case you get logged off before you submit it. But it is still best to save your work first and then copy and paste it here.

  • Kristin
    16 years ago

    This just happened to me today, my computer was all mean, and right at the end, the screen went black, my computer got a kickin though! hehe

  • ♥•oOo Nikki oOo•♥©
    16 years ago

    Hey It Happened To Me Once Before So i Write My Poetry Down That Way If The Computer Messes Up i Can Still Have It With Me xoxo-Nikki-xoxo