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Not Every Poem I Write Is True, But It Does Have Similarities To Events That I Have Seen Or Encounterd, Votes And Comments Are Well Appreciated If Its The Truth *Kisses* -Nikki♥ ♥♥§♥♥§♥♥§♥♥§♥♥§♥♥§♥♥§♥♥§♥♥§♥♥♥♥♥♥♥§
I Would Like To Thank My Poetry Club For Their Endless Support, And The Fun Online Famliy I've Become With Them Coffee Conversation And Poetry You Rock!♥§♥§♥§♥§♥§♥♥§♥§♥§♥§♥§♥♥§♥§♥♥§♥§♥♥§♥♥§♥♥ Check Out My Piczo Site ♥§♥§♥§♥§♥§♥§♥§♥§♥§♥§♥§♥§♥§♥§♥§♥§♥§♥§ ♥§♥§ Thanks To Everyone Who Continues To Show Love To Me Through Votes And Comments, And Even Those Of You Who Don't Like My Work I Still Thankyou♥§♥§♥§♥§♥
Let This Piece Of Knowledge Captivate Your Soul, Sincerly And Dearly, Artisticly Nicole~~~~

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