Personal prefrence

  • shenoa
    13 years ago

    A poem that uses advanced vocabulary and edjucated formation that you have to re-read for you to fully understand the meaning, but still is a fansastic poem that you as a writer can admire. Or a poem that is written so that anyone can pick up and understand immidiatly. It's raw and has word formation that anyone can relate and feel the emotion the writter is potraying. Both poems are exceptionally good, wich would you choose? Neither is wrong, I'm just curious about personal preference.

  • Moose
    13 years ago

    I love poetry that uses an advanced vocabulary, to the point where I can understand atleast by context... I dont like to think about the words more than the meaning though. if that makes sense.

  • Lori
    13 years ago

    I love both. Actually those 2 poems are the ones I give a 5 to. Both are intertaining and make you think.