Do you think rage is a topic that alot of people use when they w

  • Austin
    16 years ago

    I mean I do because alot of the stuff I write is when I fight with my dad

  • Eibutsina
    16 years ago

    Absolutely! I write alot of explicit poems when Im wild with rage and alot of the time they are my best work too - but that goes with most emotions really. The extremity of any emotion like being sad is one thing but being depressed (to me) is an extremity of that saddness and its then not only do i tend to write better, but i tend to get inspired more also. When Im happy is one thing but when Im ecstactic is a another example...

    Take Care - Eirisa -

  • Scarlette
    16 years ago

    I was very angry once. I began crying, and I wouldn't answer people when they talked to me. I picked up a pen and paper and began writing a poem to reflect that rage/frustration. I left it on a table, and moments later a guy I hardly knew picked it up and began reading it. He then proceeded by showing it to all of my friends that were around me. The majority of them thought I had serious issues after reading that poem.

  • ♥•oOo Nikki oOo•♥©
    16 years ago

    Sometimes Its When Your Most Angry Or Sad That Makes Your Writing Even Better xoxo-Nikki-xoxo