Would you rather be famous or misunderstood?

  • StarGirl
    12 years ago

    Better put, would you rather be famous in the hear and now as a world famous poet but be forgoten only a few generations after you died? Or a misunderstood poet who is a regular joe but their poetry is remembered long after their dead?

    I kinda have a feeling what most people's answer's will be but just answer honestly, I'm curious. :)

  • Baby Rainbow
    12 years ago

    ^ that is very true.

    i would like my poems to be remembered and hope they would be able to make a difference one day

  • Sole
    12 years ago

    I think most people would want their poetry to live on long after theyre gone. Besides, these days it's incredibly difficult to live off writing, let alone become famous because of it..

  • Dark Savior
    12 years ago

    That's a very tough question when I think about it. You have the respect of everyone if you're famous, but if your mis-understood....hmmm

    I would say that I would rather be misunderstood. Galileo, he was very misunderstood but eventually the truth came to light as it always does.

    I think that I would rather be misunderstood than to be famous.

  • Dark Secrets
    12 years ago

    The misunderstood one... actually that's my goal in life! lolz

  • AGirlWorthFightingFor
    12 years ago

    Misunderstood. it's all I can hope for.