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HEADLINE: Moving Hand Reveals No Cognition!
And then Theador Adorno said, "Writing poetry after Auschwitz is barbaric." Thus Poets henceforth sought to rescue Poetry from its "fly in the chardonnay of life"-ness, that it might become Appropriate.


Those who were scared of barbarians.
Those who would quarantine even themselves if they suspected barbarism.

Those who studied English, the Evangelical Reformers of Poetry.

Those who sacrifice Jesusly, not Judasly. Jesus knew that he was right and his sacrifice benifited his position. Reimagine the sacrifice of Judas.

Those who no longer deserve a poetic.
Those who have made a product of a poetic.

The poetic is barbaric.
Is traitorous.
Is inappropriate.

The only poets are not Poets.
"I am a poet."
No, you are not.

The only poets are performers, architects, filmmakers.
Or are the only poets performances, architectures, films?

Are we then the poems?



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