Which Poet is...

  • Kaitlin Kristina
    16 years ago

    I don’t want to know who people's favorites are; there are tons of posts on that already. Answer these honestly and constructively, and if you feel like write why.

    1. Which poet is the most under rated?
    2. Which is the most over rated?
    3. Who is the most philosophical?
    4. Which poet leaves the biggest impression?
    5. Which poet just gets to you (in a good way), and you don’t quite know why?
    6. Which poet is the most likely to become renowned for their work and go down in history?
    7. Which poem is most likely to receive worldwide acclaim, such as "The Raven?"
    8. Which poet is the most intellectually stimulating?
    9. Whose poems/ poets just flat out don’t make much sense to you?
    10. Which poet stirs the most emotion?
    11. Which poet is the most stimulating writer, where you can see and feel everything that they say?
    12. Who is the BEST DAMN POET on this whole site?
    13. Who is a poet that you would just like to mention? And say why.
    14. Which poet is ahead of their time and will only be understood after they are dead?
    15. If you were jealous of one poet on this site for their talent, who would it be? And say exactly wh.?
    16. Which poet has the most potential and raw talent?

  • Heather M Craig
    16 years ago

    1. Knight_of_Blackrose...he rarely gets comments/votes but he's really good.

    2. eh i can't say because that would be rude but she's 17 and writes about the same thing over and over and she just gets her votes/comments because she gives everyone fives

    3.James Daron

    4.Bob Shank and Mark Spencer

    5.same as number 4

    6.Mark Spencer or Albert

    7."God Must Not Exist" or at least i hope


    9.no one that i know of yet

    10.Bob Shank because i know a lot of his life

    11.Thundersrose or Mortilagda

    12.Mark Spencer

    13.aww my friends, Matthew Lee, Sunny, and Knight_of_Blackrose....just because they are 3 of the most beautiful people i have ever met...i love them dearly and their poems truly reflect themselves.

    14.let me get back to you on that one

    15.Sunny, she's so creative
    and Thundersrose, she is so damn talented, she portrays so much in a single line...i wish i could do that

    ---eh thanks Kristina, kinda got my idea but you asked much better questions lol...and you are welcome for what i said in my post---