UPDATED: General Site Info/Helpful Tools

  • PnQ Mod Account
    9 years ago

    Hello and welcome. Here is some general site information to help guide you around PnQ.

    1. CHAT ROOM: There is no more chat room and it will not be coming back per Janis. Please do not ask or start threads about it.

    2. COMPLAINTS: Please complain if a comment is rude, disrespectful, inappropriate or a duplicate. We handle these case by case, but generally will delete comments without penalty unless they are within site violations. If after one day the comment is not gone, please PM a mod and we can look into the situation.

    3. PRAISE: Praise a comment you think is worthy of praise (well thought out, helpful, offers insight, etc). We will not accept every praise that comes through. The members cannot see what you write to them, so please do not write, "Thank you," in the praise box.

    4. PENALTIES: Penalties are issued when rules are broken and they are looked over case by case.
    If rules are broken within these categories, penalty points will be charged as follows -

    Forum Post: 2 penalty points
    Plagiarized/Inappropriate Poem: 5 penalty points
    Via Private Message: 3 penalty points

    At 10 points, your account will be subject to being suspended. If it is suspended, you may appeal to PnQMods@gmail.com.
    *Predators and literary thieves & spammers do not qualify for an appeal.
    If you would like to know how many penalties you have, please PM a mod with your inquiry.

    5. SEARCH FORUMS: Use the search forums tool if you have questions. They may have been answered previously.

    6. NOMINATOR STATUS: You will receive nominator status with a gold Comment award, which means you have at least 10 praised comments. You may then nominate poetry for the weekly site contest, and can become Managers or Assistants for poetry clubs.

    * Be sure to check out the New User Guide and FAQ, as well as the Site and Forum Rules. They may answer any further questions not answered in this thread.