Something that can make me cry

  • LittleMsPink
    7 years ago

    So like... i really want to read a poem that'll pierce in my heart and make me cry, can anyone give me some titles? :)

  • Colm
    7 years ago

    Not sure you can read a poem expecting it to make you cry, to be honest. Kinda like going to a horror film expecting to be scared witless, it doesnt usually work out, from my experience anyway.

    One if the sadest poems Ive read us Mid-term break by Seamus Heaney.

  • Supertramp
    6 years ago


  • John Doe
    6 years ago

    One thing that can make me cry is someone's dreams being shattered by word bombs. Everything inside turns into nothing and building something out of it is very very difficult.

  • La Reina De Corazones
    6 years ago

    Saddest poem I've ever read was called "I got flowers today" it was about domestic abuse.