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"Destiny is
not a matter of chance; it's a
matter of choice." By William

-Some times there's no justice in this world, for the ones that have bled inside by others, no hospitals for those that haven't healed in years from the loss of someoene close to them now gone, no safety net there to catch the victums, so they have to become the heros and villians if pushed, but deep down they still cry with injustice.-

I'm Moria but people call me Mori, I've lived a life blessed with somethings and in others I've mourned like no tomorrow. You don't know my story and I don't know yours,but between the hardships we've all faced, know that humanity sucks only if you let it suck.

Also my second account is either The Fairy Marry Poppins or Demonic Angel or Joker Queen or A Cherisher Heart

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Latest Poems By La Reina De Corazones

  • It rains constantly
    no sunlight in the forsaken future...

  • Every time you call, I'm bipolar
    and start to smile, then frown...

  • As a mother I knew I had to have
    had a maternal commitment...

  • She wore a sizzling cloth that seemed to stop...
    entered the bar showcasing a sexy pair of onyx...

  • Tattoo (4) 1

    The blade injects color into my skin
    drawing out the one memory...

Latest Quotes By La Reina De Corazones

  • Fate has played me an ironic hand,
    i wanted love,
    and IT gave me me hatred,
    i wanted to be seen for who i am
    and IT made others see the mask i wear
    really fate is messed up and i can't control it so i'll just go with the flow

    10 years ago
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  • I don't know who was more in the wrong you or me
    you when you said you would be there for me whenever i needed you and then you bailed
    or me when i lowered my walls and let you in...

    10 years ago
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  • To have loved u was a heaven and a hell,
    a heaven because you loved me for just that moment,
    and a hell cause you left me without a bye your leave and shattered my heart...

    10 years ago
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