I Lied

  • ibelievedhim
    6 years ago

    I "met" this guy online and he lives in the state I used to live in. I go back once a year for a couple weeks of vacation. He wants to meet in August when I come back. The only problem is I sent him pictures of someone who wasn't me, but he's not a jerk. He's actually a nice person. I don't know if he'd still be willing to meet me if I told him it wasn't me I sent him pictures of. I told I needed to talk to him tonight because I want to tell him the truth as soon as possible. I don't know if he will continue to talk to me if I do though. Should I tell him who I am?

  • Beautiful Soul
    6 years ago

    Yes, I would why lie? I know it is to protect yourself, but I think if he really cares about you then he will still talk to you, if not then all you can do is move on,.

  • Meena Krish
    6 years ago

    Never send out pics of yourself until you are very, very sure about a person. By sending out pics of another you might get that person in trouble.

    Do talk to him. If he is indeed a nice guy he will be okay. But always remember do not send pics of yourself to a total stranger especially to the ones met over the net!

    Be careful...take care :)

  • bequi
    6 years ago

    Who knows he might be sending u pic of another person too..

    why not both of you do a video chat

    good luck

  • Colm
    6 years ago

    Whatever about the pictures you sent, if it happens that you are meeting with him, make sure it is in a public place like a cafe or a park or something. And make sure somebody knows where you are and what you are doing: a friend or family member. A video chat type thing might be a good idea before ye meet so that you know he is who he said he is, just remember that those video chats can be recorded.