What is your understanding of this poem?

  • Milly Hayward
    5 years ago

    I wrote this poem quite specifically for a reason and I wonder if anyone would like to give me feedback on what they feel it is actually all about. The fundamental thinking behind it.

    Thy absence is always present in my mind
    an image I've declined to refuse since
    there's nothing I can deny to admit
    that which wilt help me move forward
    though the backward mire that is the beautiful
    ugly of this world

    Do thy best kind of worst to make my happiness
    unhappy once more and I will praise the blame
    that thy lashed upon me, yet borrow not what
    ere I can lend thee for it will render the capable
    incapable and therefore reveal thy false truth

    Thou art my dear the worst ally that
    an enemy could ever wish for
    no soonest doest thou arrive than
    thy departs. Thou artificial demeanour
    is almost natural yet conceals much
    and yet reveals that cool yet warm mystery
    in thy soul that renders thy incapable of
    being capable of any deed which might
    be filled with light or dark

    I encourage thee to discourage me not
    for the demand that thou doest supply
    moves me down and up towards the correct
    yet incorrect assumption that thy
    needest to build on stable path so to destroy that
    which is bold to thee yet at times timid

    Thou stateth thy intent to be cruel yet kind
    yet are thou not crooked straight down the line?
    Thou disappeareth yet reappeareth once thou
    hast caused discomfort to those who once
    were with comfort

    Please take thyself from this place as soonest
    as thy hast arrived since thou will fail even
    as thou succeeds though my hope
    of your despair is the dry the inner moist
    fortunate yet unfortunate that is myself.

    Thou might think thyself innocently guilty but
    thy colours are marked clearly with blood.
    Thou art no longer host but now guest for
    thy path is now more dead than alive
    in this upside down, right side up world
    that we lived and died in.

  • Bob Shank
    5 years ago

    Sounds like the soul within and the conflicts of conscience, that's what I derived fro it.

  • Milly Hayward
    5 years ago

    The driving force in writing it was to make it as conflicting as I could possibly make it. So I was interested to see what people made of it.
    I think maybe you are right Bob that it reflects a conflict of conscience or at least inner thoughts. Thank you for your comment I really appreciate the fact that you took the time to read and analyse it. Take care Milly x