New layout?

  • DirgeVenustas
    3 years ago

    Do we have a new layout? all white with black texts? Is this a thing? I wasn't aware the site was going through such dramatic changes. I agree that change is good but I really miss the old layout. I could click without even looking, I knew where everything was..It is going to take time to get used to all this white. What are your thoughts or concerns or feedback?

  • Kasie replied to DirgeVenustas
    3 years ago

    I personally miss the color of the old layout and some of the features. I'm not able to see my clubs poems unless they are in my favorites list. The old layout was easier to navigate. This new layout is confusing to me and there is just too much white. It would be better with a little more color and a tab for club members poems (like the old layout had). Personally I feel we don't have as many features as we had before. I have been a member since 2005 and the old layout is all I knew... I'm not good with change.

  • BlueJay
    3 years ago

    An even better place for you guys to talk about this would be on the forum labeled Members' Message Board, and the only reason I say that is because the thread labeled Janis is much more indepth about this and all the mods (as well as members) are listening and expressing their own likes and dislikes.