If you could be a shape changer

  • Milly Hayward
    4 years ago

    If you could change into something else at will what would it be? Can be anything at all and why?

  • Milly Hayward
    4 years ago

    I don't think anyone wants to be a shape changer so maybe it should have been which animal would you change into. I chose shape shifter because I like being human but it would be nice to have the choice to be an animal sometimes :)

    I thought about being a dolphin and swimming to my hearts content but the thought of swimming in deep dark sea freaked me out.

    Then I thought what about being able to fly through the skies as a bird big enough that it wouldn't be harmed by bigger birds but then I figured I'd have to eat raw meat and there would always be some human wanting to shoot me for his collection because of ny size.

    A dog seemed a good bet, they get lots of cuddles and often human food but that wouldn't work because they'd get picked up and taken hone again if wandering free.

    I finally decided on being a cat. A cat gets lots of cuddles can go where it likes unchallenged and as Ive noticed from my friends cat it can abscond with any type of food it likes. A cat can climb, jump, see in the dark, sleep when it likes and hang out with its pals. What more could you want

  • Shruti
    4 years ago

    Oh oh I would love to change into another person.. hehe. Some of my friends maybe! So that I know how their lives are... and what they talk about me with other people. :p.

    Also, I would love to be a water animal... I want to breathe under the ocean and see what is there. ^_^

  • Risqué replied to Milly Hayward
    4 years ago

    I would be a fox. for a couple reasons. But mainly because it seems to be what I am most like...

    Generally in small family environments although sometime solitary.

    I love that they are
    Fast, cunning, amazing sight and hearing
    Essentially a cat and a dog mixed together...
    And look so beautiful.

    And I would love to be called a vixen for more than just being quarrelsome.

  • Lost One replied to Milly Hayward
    3 years ago

    Honestly? I couldn't pick just one thing or person, I would cause mayhem and mischief the likes of which Lloki himself couldn't even dream of. I'd be a chair that slides across the room of it's own accord or wraps around and tickles the person who sits on me. I'd be the dog that runs down an alley from a dog catcher who upon turning the corner finds himself face to face with a T-rex. I'd go through a drive through, and the person who paid would not be the person who receives the food, and with every confused blink of the eyes the cashier would be staring at someone new in the driver seat!