Group chats

  • Hazel (Dancing Rivers) Phillips-Dube
    4 months ago

    Hey guys what happened to the groups we used to have? I really enjoyed that and we used to have writing competitions between the groups? I hope I'm just being blind and not that the groups were removed

  • Everlasting
    4 months ago

    Well, up to my knowledge, the groups haven’t been removed. However, no one else can join groups anymore. Those who were in group before Janis made changes, remained in their groups though.

    Hopefully, someone else can jump in and clarify exactly what happened.

    But are you looking for competitions?

  • silvershoes replied to Everlasting
    4 months ago

    Yep. Janis left us in a lurch. Clubs/groups exist and if you were in one when he overhauled the site, you are still in one. If you weren't, you cannot join. THANKS A LOT, JANIS.

  • Hazel (Dancing Rivers) Phillips-Dube replied to silvershoes
    4 months ago

    Aaaahhh I was in one in my old profile now this one is kicked out. (Lots of angry faces)