New Users Guide and Mod FAQ

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    13 years ago

    Hopefully, this will be implemented into something every new and current user will have to read when they first sign on (like when Janis did the rates poll).

    For now we are just putting it in every forum so no one will have an excuse about not seeing it.


    Welcome to P and Q. Many new members often find that in the beginning it can be a challenge getting themselves and their poems noticed. There are numerous discussion forum posts asking how to get more comments and be noticed. Hopefully, this new member guide will help you answer these questions.


    Before you do anything else, be sure to read:
    Terms of Submission (
    Forum Rules and Guidelines (
    If you have any questions about these two lists, feel free to contact a moderator (

    Another good source of information are the member submitted articles. Be sure to check them out.

    Now, the best way to get your poems noticed and commented on is simply to comment on other people's poems. This may seem obvious but there is more to it than just posting a one sentence "Hey great work thanks" comment. If that is the kind of blank feedback you want to receive, then by all means give that out. You only get what you give, and sometimes not even that. So, make the effort to find poems you really love and take your time to write thoughtful honest comments. You will get the respect of the author who will want to know who you are and what you write. You might even make a friend, fall in love or be ignored, it's all terribly exciting!

    Another way to get noticed is to become an active member on the discussion boards. Get involved in the debates, create interesting or amusing threads, interact with your fellow members. Getting yourself involved, being honest, etc will make people want to know who you are and what you write about, especially if your forum posts are well written and either really insightful or very funny.

    Another good way to get more feedback and be connected is to join a poetry club. There are many clubs and they all have slightly different focuses and criteria for joining and participating. Make sure you read the small print when joining or you may just find yourself in a dark poetry cult where your jolly love poems are not welcome.

    One more small tip is to take some time naming your poem. Generally speaking if a poem is titled something like this

    "Why did your love go?"


    "The Darkness inside my soul"

    You can be assured of what it's about and there really isn't much mystery to such a title, which is a bad thing.

    Ok, if you follow all the advice in this guide you will no doubt become a P and Q darling in no time. You might even become a Mod, or a senior member, the possibilities are...well there are 2 of them.

    Good luck.

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