Sweet Revenge

by Matt Pyke

Left for dead,
This worlds so bleak,
No power left inside,
Not even for me to speak,

Hurt so many times,
But never truly healed,
No you cannot see them,
My emotional scars are sealed,

Sometimes they ask me,
Have I always been this way?
It breaks my heart to answer,
But it is the truth that I must say,

No I have not always,
But probably will always be,
The darkness that dwells inside,
Is the living part of me,

I’ve kept it in for so long,
So much anger never let out,
Struggled with every tantrum,
Suppressing the urge to shout,

But the turning point is now,
You will not be my demise,
I will uplift my spirit,
And spring to your surprise,

No longer will you hurt me,
No more pain will I feel,
This day will end my sorrows,
And break that holy seal,

My emotions will flow with hatred,
And death you will meet,
Through this day of reckoning I have realized,
Revenge through success is sweet.

Copyright 2005


Submission date : 2005-02-09

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Rating : 4.7

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Latest comments

Cody at 2005-02-16

wow...that's an awesome poem...you have soo much talent...it shows...well done!

Amanda ( F ) at 2005-02-19

You know you didn't have to be so rude in your comment! But, thanks anyways for taking the time to read it! You are a good writer, I'll just delete that poem that "didn't make sense". But before I do, I just thought I'd let you know that not all poetry has to rhyme and make sense to the audience, it's the writers feelings portrayed in their pieces! Keep it up though, you're a wonderful writer!

Claire at 2005-03-15

hey matt...you will continue to see me write about your poems...because they truly are amazing! I have written more poems please check them out! Keep writing you are great!



Natalie84 ( F P C D ) at 2005-03-16

Wow.....awesome poem Matt!!

tom sandercock at 2007-06-23

I didnt like it at first. But after re-reading it I have to say some parts were mad.

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