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hey there! my real name is ananya...that's ann 4 ppl who find ananya too complicated...i love writng,drawing and singing an introvert and a born im not much into networking with ppl...but feel free to msg me if ur being chased by an axe murderer or something..i'll be glad to help out!

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  • Age : 20
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  • Country : India
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Latest Poems By TrUtH hUrTs

  • Sunlight reaches crookedly,
    Into the empty window seat...

  • Clouds drifted over a winter's day,
    Staining the idle sunshine in a sepia wreath...

  • What do you hide, angel eyes?
    -placid lakes of unshed tears...

  • city lights twinkle slowly
    the neon wilderness speaks only...

  • They prostituted their body and mind
    Never knowing what they left behind...

Latest Quotes By TrUtH hUrTs

  • Order breeds habit
    disorder breeds life

    15 years ago
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  • love is like a poison..
    u relish every drop
    once u start drinking,
    u can never stop
    slowly it seeps into you
    virile, as a serpen\'ts sting
    and u wait with bated breath
    for the good times to begin

    15 years ago
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  • If u ever falll..
    try to land on ur back...
    that way,u will still be facing up!

    16 years ago
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