Nothing Like A Murder Poem That Rhymes

by Misty

Nothing Like A Murder Poem That Rhymes

From all the pain you put me through,
I just dont know what to do.
All I can do is sit here and cry
And simply wait to die.

Then I stop and wonder why
Why should I die if youre the one who made me cry?
So now I know what to do
I will just have to kill you.

I am going to choke you
Until you turn blue.
Or will you turn red?
Ill just choke you till youre dead

Ill cut you open and look inside.
Your heart is cold just like mine.
Blood, blood all around
On your sheets and on the ground

You should have been sorry for what you said,
But its too late now that youre alone, cold and dead.
I dont care about what I have done.
You deserve it and killing you was fun

Dont make me mad, sad or cry,
Unless you are fully prepared to die.
So now youve been warned, now youve been told.
Just dont f * c k with me you stupid a s s h * l e.


Submission date : 2006-02-13

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l3roken heart at 2006-02-13

AWSOME POEM!!!! I LOVE IT. its really a great poem. ,3