Other Dark Poems

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  • Notes of silence slide over my body,
    I lay there breathing in pure oxygen...

  • Grave Digger 4

    by Prossnip42

    Grave digger, grave digger
    Send me on my way...

  • The Monster in me 3 HM

    by Lemon Squeezy

    Noises lurking deep in the shadows,
    As haunting the soul destined for the gallows...

  • Writer's Block (8) 8 WIN

    by Maher

    It seems we’re staring at the same wall.
    A blank sheet with all the ink in the world and...

  • Imperfection

    by BEJohnson

    Demented solitude
    A ravens calling...

  • I've been rolling since I was born, without...
    Traded shots with the devil himself, and handed...

  • I can never be timid
    Start to the finish...

  • If Heaven Bursts (8) 5

    by Ben Pickard

    If heaven bursts, they all fall down
    and there will be no hiding place...

  • He Who Betrays

    by BEJohnson

    His tongue's split open.
    Blood drips down...

  • Heaven & Hell

    by BEJohnson

    He was once an angel.
    So he knows how to play...

  • Demented

    by BEJohnson

    Spools of blood trickle down the walls
    Tiny ribbons of red drizzle the ground...

  • Mirror, Mirror (1)

    by BEJohnson

    Mirror, mirror
    Oh, how you deceive...