Blue Moon

by SH3S fiNAllY H3R3 l0V3 U N3NA

When the blue moon comes out at midnight,
The werewolves come out under it's light
All that show fear,
Hide or disappear.

They roam through the forest,
Hunting for their meal.
They eat whatever they find,
Not caring what they eat.

Every living creature,
Fear these horrible creatures.
They have nowhere to run,
When the warewolf draw near.

If they really existed in real life,
There would be killings everyday.
Because when the blue moon falls,
The werewolves come out to attack.

*Cindy Lopez*
*Nov. 28, 2007*


Submission date : 2007-11-28
Last edit : 2007-12-19

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Votes : 11
Rating : 4.3

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Latest comments

i gave u a piece of my heart ( F P C D ) at 2007-12-21

Wow another great poem...very dark but i liiked it!!!

SarahDale ( F P C D ) at 2008-01-14

This is somehow interesting though some mistakes are quite visible and the flow is kinda weak, but really, I liked it coz I get what this poem wants to portray. . .

Big hersh ( F P C D ) at 2008-01-30

Its good

BrokenAngel ( F C ) at 2008-04-07

Nice work! keep up the good work

BrokenAngel ( F C ) at 2008-04-07

Nice work! keep up the good work

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