Why are Men so Lazy?

by Rayarra Jones

Why are men so lazy?
they're afraid to wash their own clothes
guess they're afraid of soap and detergent
to illiterate to work the controls

Why are men so lazy?
why's it so hard to take out the trash?
guess there arms are way to bony
and I need to give them cash

Why are men so lazy?
must I always ride on top?
guess it's too much stress to handle
keeping up their own c ocks

Why are men so lazy?
why can't they such there own d icks?
my knees are black and bruised
and it smears my lipstick

Why are men so lazy?
get your own dam beer
I am not your servant or maid
get off your lazy rear

Why are men so lazy?
Iron your own wrinkled shirt
your mama lives down the street
I don't do that kind of work

Why are men so lazy?
always want quickies in the afternoon
I am a woman not a h oe
you can't handle me like a broom

Why are men so lazy
with all there wants and all their needs
one more request and I will go crazy
s hit! I just pulled out a weave


Submission date : 2008-02-21
Last edit : 2008-02-21

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Latest comments

Mikelita Jean at 2008-04-14

I can't even vote on this

Rayarra Jones ( F ) at 2008-04-15

What do you mean by that?

GoRgEoUs TONI at 2008-06-25

Yooo dats tight..lol funni