The Gay (Poem 3 of 3)

by DourParoxysm

Strutting your stuff as you go on your way,
At first glance people call you gay.
You flap your wrist, as if you lack muscle,
But we all know better, so quit the hustle bustle.
With cries such as "fabulous" and "oh my god guys",
Its amazing normal people don't eat you alive.
Even though you feel your heart has good cheer,
Your brain knows, you are full of fear.


Submission date : 2008-06-01

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Rating : 3.0

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Latest comments

Krystal Castelly ( F ) at 2008-06-01

Being gay, I don't appreciate this at all, perhaps I'm just not finding the humor?

Robert ( F P C ) at 2008-06-04

It was kool, i am gay... i understand!

Xander ( F P ) at 2008-06-10

The reasoning behind this poem...

It isnot meant to be offensive. The 3 poems in this series are meant to show the extreme stereotypes of the 3 charecters. I belive in full gay rights and am sorry that anyone was offended.

Lost and Bound in Pain ( F P D ) at 2008-06-13

Im gay & wasnt offended

Connor ( F P D ) at 2008-12-11

I wasn't offended in any way, honestly, I feel quiet inspired! Great poem!

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