Funny Poems About Society

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  • American Politics (2) 4

    by Alex B

    The fight for freedom:
    Dislike leader? Replace them...

  • Welcome To Arua!

    by Aiko (Dreamsurfer)

    Welcome to Arua,
    Where GOD is great...

  • Ode to Rats (3) 2

    by yogi73

    Oh! Quarrelsome rat
    How they fester and scheme...

  • Come Dirt Or Dust:(part 1) (1) 3

    by Scott Cole

    I'm a piece of property
    That no one cares to stroll...

  • From Celeb To Webs:(part 2) (1) 1

    by Scott Cole

    I'm a piece of literature
    That no one comes to read...

  • juggling with chickens
    got no laughs so he sprayed 'em...

  • Without her

  • East Africa

    by Aiko (Dreamsurfer)

    From Kenya to Uganda,
    Tanzania to Rwanda...

  • Pierre Cardin

    by Aiko (Dreamsurfer)

    My deskmate in class,
    Tells our neighbours infront...

  • Edible Totems (2) 2

    by Aiko (Dreamsurfer)

    In my tribe,
    One of the clans is represented by a grasshopper...

  • Betrayal

    by Aiko (Dreamsurfer)

    The Devil rebelled against GOD,
    Judas betrayed JESUS...

  • Deena

    by Aiko (Dreamsurfer)

    Seeing a White stand out in Ugandan music is...
    Paul Kafeero's White wife did some one-beat music...