by Bree

Italians are the best
oh Italians are YES, YES,YES!
cause we get to eat spaghetti, lasagna, and pasta
But if you want those, its gonna cost ya
Italian colors are red, white, and green
And we r the hottest girls you've ever seen!
If you don't agree with that
Then you can just kiss my Italian butt!
Us Italian girls, get down n dirty
Well we're naughty until about 30
All the guys want us yes they do
cause we've got the spirit, how's bout u?
All you other people suck
While all us Italians do is freek
I love being Italian its so great
But all you Other People hate
Us Italian girls only think about boys
not Like Other girls, with their little baby toys
And all Italian boys have really big willies
Unlike all those small dcked hillbillies
So just remember, Italians do it best
Ask us anything, put us to the test!!
By Allie and Bri (don't worry its not supposed to b good! we just LOVE being Italian!)


Submission date : 2004-07-05

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Rating : 3.8

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Latest comments

badGIRL69 at 2004-08-02

hey i love bein italian too.. if ur italian then rok on....i love italian people

megan at 2004-08-06

omg i love that poem, im italian so it makes it even better!!!!

Jennifer J ( F C ) at 2004-09-10

I like it, you should check out my italian poem, it is called "Half is better then none" mine is a little more softer then yours, not so much in your face you are right about italians being freaks but i am not going to stop at 30. Check out my erotic poems they speak for themselves.

To the first person who commented, I didn't know hispanics made the BMW, but anyways all have to say is Ferrari.
A $200,000 car with horepower over 500, i think it beats out the BMW.

(hopefully you were talking about cars when you said that or else i will feel stupid)