Funny Poems About Life

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  • Words

    by Randy Lee

    Where do I find the words I write?
    One might think it quite a plight...

  • Life

    by Khalid M Darwish

    Life draw features
    with each of which...

  • New washing machine (1) 1

    by mistake

    Wash me of my sins,
    Clammy proofs I existed today...

  • Life sentence 2

    by Skyfire

    I'm feeling itchy...

  • Racoon 1

    by El_Mabini

    I think I am a racoon.
    I say good morning...

  • Crazy, owww No

    by Paul Stotts

    I ask myself, "self, have I lost my mind."
    My mind says "well you haven't lost it yet...

  • If Only I Could Rewrite The Stars 1

    by Christen Kuikoua

    If by chance I could relive my life
    I will make more mistakes...

  • A Comic Recipe... 1

    by Shaun Cronick

    I add a little bit of nonsense,
    That has been finely ground...

  • We should give it an ending….
    Yeah.. it deserves a good ending...

  • Do rocks really float god?
    Is the sky really blue...

  • Memories

    by Shaun Cronick

    The shouts of children playing,
    Bring back my happy youth...

  • Blue Steel

    by Ricky Story

    So you sure you want it?
    Umm, well yeah; if it’s all you say it is...