School lunch

by Eternal*Dream

Our school lunch is from outer space,
Endangering the human race,
The meatballs bounce right off the floor,
the fish cakes could break down a door.
The bread was baked ten years ago,
the burgers look like they will grow,
The chicken has the chicken pox,
the peas are frozen in a box.
The spinach gives you legs gangrene,
the fruit juice tastes like gasoline.
The soup is salty as the sea,
the franks explode like TNT.
The salad bar - don't you dare try it,
the carrot cake once caused a riot.
The deadly tuna casserole can bore a hole right through the bowl,
The fries could knock you off your chair,
the corn could make you lose your hair.
The way they cook here is a crime,
but lunch is still my favorite time.


Submission date : 2005-03-15

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