Other Funny Poems

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  • An Owl, A Key, And A Portal Up A Tree 1

    by Jemia de Blondeville

    Since i'd seen Narnia, viewed within a small box
    I'd convinced myself it was real...

  • It's not that I dislike them
    For I think they're kinda pretty...

  • Boddox! 3

    by cassie hughes

    Sara shouted “Boddox!”
    As she tore her brand new dress...

  • A raccoon waking through the door.
    And stepped onto the hard wooden floor...

  • Puffball Lycoperdon!

    by Jemia de Blondeville

    I once ate
    A wolf fart...

  • Be Witch!

    by Jemia de Blondeville

    Ive got books of spells
    And witchcraft, and of Tarot...

  • Bread (Haiku) (2) 2

    by Jack

    It makes sandwiches,
    It makes the best toast around...

  • Coffee (Haiku) (1) 1

    by Jack

    Coffee comes from beans,
    Some drink it every morning...

  • Earth Eater (1) 1

    by Jemia de Blondeville

    Earth Eater!
    I hope the world isn't an Oyster...

  • Wonky Wheels 1

    by Walter

    I head to my favourite shopping mall
    This place is huge and has it all...

  • Why I Love Math (6) 3

    by Walter

    Math is a language, although not in words
    And I know by many, it isn't preferred...

  • I think I lost my car but maybe it's been stolen
    I'm sure I put the handbrake on, I hope that it's...