Other Funny Poems

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  • Sparrow 1

    by Glenn G

    I once found a sparrow,
    It's wing broken and frail...

  • Shrink 101

    by Ricky Story

    What’s your problem?
    My past.. it seems to follow me around...

  • Right back at ya

    by Ricky Story

    So why did the turtle cross the road
    Umm…. To get to the shell station...

  • Mr. Crowley

    by Mark Spencer

    “Mr. Crowley, I bring some news!
    The Winchester’s are dead...

  • The Zombie Knight

    by Mark Spencer

    Sir Bertram was a skittish knight,
    Quite often prone to fits of fright...

  • The Spider

    by Mark Spencer

    I heard my wife cry out in fright,
    As I rushed to her aid...

  • The Thing

    by Mark Spencer

    The name’s Benjamin Jacob Grimm,
    An’ I’m from Yancy Street...

  • Premier Out 3

    by CJ Maleney

    The four walls that now surround me
    Seem to keep on closing in...

  • The Beard 1

    by CJ Johnson

    The Beard
    Pure white skin that I see...

  • Halloween Erased 1

    by cassie hughes

    No one knew exactly who
    had made the big decision...

  • The Black Cat (2) 2

    by Trina

    The cat is black with a hat on with a tap, Mew all...

  • Redneck Nudist Resort

    by Mark Spencer

    My wife got this invitation.
    Said we needed a vacation...