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  • Yo, kick back, let's dive into a tale,
    'Bout Fluffy Blueberry Cinnamon Rolls, without...

  • Spelling conundrum (1) 2

    by David

    When you look at a word long enough
    It becomes foreign and strange...

  • Answering machine (1)

    by Crystal Kerner

    I'm sorry but I'm not home to talk cuz I took my...

  • Word Problems 1

    by Vera Rose

    What words go best with rhymes,
    Something that fits with the times...

  • Janis who? (5) 6

    by Larry Chamberlin

    There was a fellow I knew
    or thought I did, you never...

  • I found a thread from what I wear
    And now I am in quite despair...

  • Imagine if you were a shoe
    How do you think that you would do...

  • Mythological Madness

    by cassie hughes

    It’s not my fault that the unicorn lied
    Or the hippogriff hid all my clothes...

  • A Poem I Wish to Find

    by Oscar Auliq-Ice

    In the depths of my mind,
    A poem I wish to find...

  • Do Gnomes Conspire? (1) 1

    by cassie hughes

    Does a gnome in the garden
    keep fishing at night...

  • One of Those Days (1) 2

    by Walter

    I'm running late
    I need to go...

  • Flat Bread

    by Dino Dhamphyr

    Flat bread, oh how we love you
    So versatile, so fun to chew...