by Lostwithin

Some people I don't like,
Others I do,
If your a hoe,
I really don't like you,

You may think I sound like a h@ter,
But that aint true,
It`s just the fact,
That you h*es should find something better to do,

Even though you may have a new boy every day,
That doesn't mean they like you in that way,
They are probably just using you,
For the things that you do,

You may think your popular and that your the sh*t ,
But the truth is,
No one likes you,,
It`s just because they know you as the chick who sucked d*ck,

So all you h*es,
Need to get d@mn life,
Or else you`ll grow old,
And not even be a wife


Submission date : 2004-03-10

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Rating : 4.1

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