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  • My name is Becky and I like to keep it real,
    I try to hide my emotions...

  • The battle between the head and the heart is real...
    It may mean tough starting from the beginning, but...

  • I love you so much.
    Almost more than you know...

  • Lately I have felt so alone.
    I feel like no one cares...

  • There may be a time in life that you feel alone,
    There may be a time in life when you do not feel...

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  • Courage leads to strength, strength leads to pride, pride leads to power, so ultimately courage leads to power.

    The moral; if you have courage you have the power to make your life what you want it to be and nothing less.

    4 years ago
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  • You know you are truly depressed when you want to cry, but you are so numb you can't.

    6 years ago
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  • If you never ask questions, you will never get an answer. If you never strive for your goals, you will never achieve them. And if you never express yourself you will never receive any in return.

    7 years ago
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