I May Have ADHD

by Kelsey McClelland

In the corriders of my head
My mind has lost its way
Another day of wondering
Yet never finds the way

Having thoughts that are strung
About my scattered mind
Verrifying what they know
Everything is hard to find

Approximatley, twenty-four
Days until its gone.
How could something that's so short
Drag on to something long?


Submission date : 2007-04-25
Last edit : 2007-04-27

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Rating : 4.7

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Latest comments

tara ( F P C D ) at 2007-04-27

Nice poem! very well writen i loved it so much! the flow was very nice too!amazing job---tara

kit-kat girl ( F C ) at 2007-05-25

This is a good poem!! YOu don't see a lot of poems on ADHD, this is one reason i like it.
I am a little confused about the end put i like the poem.

ANGELICA at 2007-06-12

I have that and yeah its hard