You Put Me Down

by Nicole

A song I just made up nd i hope u like it cuz i worked really hard on it.

I find it hard to belive
Why I cant become someone I can be
You put me down in everyway
Always ruining my day
Plotting hurful words to say
And yet I still stand here, today..
And I say

A heart but empty
Lost its love
A smile on yo face
But not good enough
Jokes make you laugh
But truth brings you down
You always make me smile at times
But you'd turn it into a frown for a while
You always give me that frown
You put me down


I find it hard to explain
Why people like you
Always, try to hurt me
You may not know but i am cryin
My little heart out
I wanna shout
And breakout
Yet I'm still standin here today..
And I say

Chorus x2


Submission date : 2008-06-27

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Latest comments

Sourav ( F P C D ) at 2008-07-11

Well I've found it very good. You've done a good job! It can be a good song! :)